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France: ban on non-biodegradable bags from 2010     Προσθέθηκε στις: 16/06/2007

France: ban on non-biodegradable bags from 2010

The French National Assembly decided Tuesday 11/10/05,  to ban marketing ,distribution or packaging in polythene bags no biodegradable in French territory from January 1 st 2010.

Deputies, who examined for the fifth day the government bill on agricultural leanings, have adopted an amendment which provides this operation.

The French Agriculture Minister, Dominique Bussereau, leaved it to the common sense of the Assembly for the amendment adoption which stipulates that, from January 1st 2010, marketing ,distribution, and packaging in polythene bags no biodegradable are banning in French Territory.

Each offender will face a fine of 100 euros per bag at that time.

“A decree set the practical details of this measure as well as sanctions and check conditions on biodegradable packaging which could be commercialized or distribute” added the amendment. We are very pleased about this decision because we remind some figures:

 - It needs 400 years for a polythene bag to disappear

- We use 500 polythene bags per second in France that is 15 thousand million per year which represents a weight of 85 000 tonnes

- 60 to 75 % of pollution which we find in depths of the sea are made up of polythene bags



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