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Το περιβαλλοντικό προφίλ της εταιρείας virosac - virosac eco practices     Προσθέθηκε στις: 30/05/2007
  The environment in a bag A "green look" doesn't always correspond to effective participation in dealing with environmental problems. This is not true, however, of the involvement perceived at Virosac, a company from Pederobba (Treviso) working in the field of household products for 30 odd years. D.B. Virosac supports Legambiente in its various projects, such as “Clean Beaches and Seabed”, and is currently working towards ISO 14000 environmental certification. Its interest in ecology isn't just felt through this, but also from the course and policies the management has followed and introduced, from the actual products themselves and the innovative characteristics that mark these out, not to mention the company's projects for the future. Virosac produces 350,000 tons of household bags every day, used to protect and keep food and clothing, plus cling film, oven paper, aluminium foil and aluminium trays. Moreover, it's leader in producing bin liners (500 million a year). Respect for the environment has always been an important stimulus for development in all areas of its business. For instance, Virosac was one of the first companies to propose specific bags for separate waste collection schemes, including the 100% biodegradable Mater-Bi bags in its range (also the version with ties). It has recently launched Stopsac, a patented design that, thanks to a removable adhesive strips, lets one secure the bag to the bin, regardless of the actual diameter of this. Then there are the products conceived to offer consumers added value, such as bin liners on a roll, in non-drip and minispace versions, bio-bags, Saccopratico (with handles) and “Uno ad Uno” (pre-separated bags with handles on a roll). The very latest success, however, bearing witness to the company's environmental culture coincides with the creation of an old “unfulfilled dream”. In fact, last May, the owners Giorgio Rossetto and Graziano Virago, as part of the “Clean Beaches and Seabed 2004” project, introduced the first comic printed on the sides of bin liners. Over the course of the year, Virosac will produce some 300 million copies of this “mag” sui generis, with the intention of increasing public awareness of conservation, using the incisive and ironic language typical of strip cartoons. The character “Messer Viro” will indicate what people can and must do to respect the environment and help towards sustainable development. And that's not all. During the clean-up of 150 Italian beaches over the last weekend of May, special Virosoc "Lacciosac" sacks were used, bearing the logo of Legambiente, the association that the Venetian company collaborates with to sustain its ethical mission. The company philosophy “For thirty years - says Graziano Virago - we've been using recycled materials for our products and we've always tried to minimise the use of raw materials in order to save energy, without losing anything in terms of service. During this time, not only have we been committed to the creation of a strong brand identity, but we've also been on the constant lookout for new ideas to satisfy consumer needs (Ed.: in fact Virosac loves to call itself a “trailblazer”). For this reason, given the widely felt need, as a company we've faced the problem social responsibility. Involvement has been such that even our staff members have provided their personal contributions, to the point that many have decided to take part in the “Clean Beaches and Seabed” campaign”. The shrewdness of this business initiative has been confirmed by the company marketing expert, Franco Tagliente, according to whom: “Brands that identify companies can become real points of reference capable of attenuating our uncertainty, if they manage to grasp and interpret deep-felt values properly. Then there's also the need for greater transparency and here the Virosac brand is a model of sincere communication with the public”.

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