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Common Myths Associated With Cloth Nappies     Προσθέθηκε στις: 28/05/2007
  Common Myths Associated With Cloth Nappies Abstract: Still can't decide whether to use cloth nappies? This article will help to explode some of those nagging doubts and myths that can surround the use of re-usable nappies. Forewarned is forearmed, so when you come across those uninformed cloth nappy sceptics you will have all the answers at your disposal! Author: Lucy Jewson Myth 1: Using cloth nappies is loads of hassle and takes up valuable time I would rather spend with my baby. Real nappies are no longer about complicated folds, pins, stinky soaking buckets and boiling. There is an amazing array of re-usable nappies out there that do up with Velcro, poppers or nifty little grips. They are shaped just like disposables and are very easy to put on. You can have a paper liner that catches solids that you can just drop down the toilet and then fling them in a nappy bin. No need to soak them, dry pailing is fine. Then just stick in a 60 degree wash - if you have enough nappies, you only need to do this every 3 days. Myth 2: Disposables are better at preventing nappy rash. Nappy rash is caused by the germs from stools mixing with urine. This is best avoided with any nappy by changing your babies nappy frequently and especially as soon as they have "done a poo"! There are many scientific studies that have shown that babies wearing real nappies are no more or less likely to get nappy rash than those wearing disposables. Myth 3: Cloth nappies leak. A good fitting cloth nappy is probably less likely to leak than a disposable. Cloth nappies come with an outer waterproof or water resistant cover. The advantage of using cloth nappies is that you can tailor the type of nappy to how much of a "heavy wetter" your baby is with boosters or with different materials. Many mums, with very heavy wetters, will use hemp nappies, as they are even more absorbent than cotton. Obviously the biggest source of leakage with both disposables and re-useables is not changing the nappy often enough! Myth 4: Real nappies are bulky. Real nappies are bulkier than disposables because they don't contain absorbent chemicals and gels. However this bulkiness actually helps in the development of strong bones and hips and protects the base of baby's spine when learning to walk. Big bottoms bounce better! Cut4Cloth solves the problems of finding clothes to fit over cloth bottoms of course! Myth 5: Cloth nappies are old fashioned and no one uses them anymore. The cloth nappy market is one of the fastest growing in the nursery sector and now stands at around 15% of all babies. The government has a target to get 155,000 additional households to use re-useable nappies, reducing nappy waste an average 225kg per participating household per year by the end of 2006. Basically we have run out of landfill space and the government is putting huge resources into local schemes to encourage real nappy use. As far as old fashioned goes, you should see some of the nappy companies on our links page - nappies these days are funky fashion accessories and with Hollywood "A list" stars such as Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin using and supporting the cloth nappy cause - they are this years "must have" baby accessory!

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